Into the New Year: 5 Questions About You and Your Kids

It almost seems engrained in us that as the New Year is approaching to ask ourselves what we are hoping the New Year will bring.  But if we were asking this within the context of the most important things in life – what questions would we ask ourselves and how seriously would we adjust our conduct based on the answers?

Over the next 5 days I’m going to write about 5 areas of life that we should be thinking seriously about as Christians.  Today we start with our kids.  I’m basing the framework for this off of the 5 exemplary characteristics Paul gave to Timothy in 1 Timothy 4:12.

How do you want to see 2017 be a year of greater growth in your relationship with your kids and their relationship with the Lord?  Here’s 5 questions we could ask ourselves:

  1. How can I use my words (specifically) to be an encouragement to the unique needs of each of my kids in 2017?  In what specific ways do each of my children need to be encouraged?

  2. In what ways can my conduct (in general but specifically towards my kids) demonstrate more clearly my beliefs? What inconsistencies might I be showing that my kids have picked up on?

  3. In what ways have I been showing conditional love to my kids – love based on behavior instead of love based on grace?  How should that be tweaked heading into 2017?

  4. How can I better incorporate our faith into the conversations I’m having with my kids?  Have they begun to embrace Jesus for themselves?  How would I know that?

  5. How do I need to encourage my kids with their purity in mind, heart and body?  How am I encouraging healthy attitudes and actions towards the opposite gender?

The temptation is to breeze over these questions and at face value not think they’re applicable to you/your family. I would challenge that.  I think it can be very easy for any of us to look at questions like this and say to ourselves “I’m good”.  I think that could be an identifier of pride.

Instead, prayerfully consider these 5 questions and ask the Holy Spirit to give you a better understanding of reality and how you can move forward towards Christlikeness in these areas.

Tomorrow…5 questions to ask yourself about your marriage.


What questions would you add that could help you improve your relationship with your kids?  Post them below…

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