The ONLY Question You Need To Ask To Know If You’re Going To Heaven

Having worked with college students for about 20 years now – I’ve noticed an interesting similarity among them. At some point they doubt their salvation.

Now – as I talk to high school youth pastors it seems that this isn’t unique to college students, but that many high school students are ‘doubters’ at some point also.

In reality – it seems most Christians at some point have wondered at least in their hearts “Am I really going to heaven someday?”

Here is the ONLY question you need to ask yourself to know if you’re going to heaven:

Have I trusted in Jesus to save me?

Simple question. Yet attached to it are a few layers that give it deeper meaning:

“I” : You’re the only one that can initiate a relationship with God through Jesus. Doesn’t matter how close you are to people that know God. YOU…not anyone else…has to start that friendship with God.

“Trusted in Jesus” : This is also known in the Bible as “believe”. Trust happens when we recognize that Jesus is the only one who can save us – there can be no ‘Jesus + anything’. We have to 100% recognize that only Jesus as the God-Man can forgive us because of His death on the cross and His resurrection. We have to “trust” in Jesus alone to receive His forgiveness.

“To save me” : We have to recognize that our sin separates us from God. He’s holy and perfect, we’re not (none of us). That separation is a reality now and it will be a reality forever as you spend forever paying for your sin in a horrible, real place called Hell. Jesus, however, wants to “save” you from this horrible place. But He’s not going to make you trust Him and He won’t turn you into a robot. You have to choose to be saved.

It really doesn’t matter what you may have believed about Jesus in the past – what do you believe about Him now? That’s the definer of true salvation. If now you’re trusting in Jesus alone to be saved, then you’re saved.

If you’re a Christian, your on-going doubt about whether it’s a reality can be traced to either a misunderstanding of what salvation is, or possibly you have earthly ‘daddy’ issues, or there’s sin in your life that is preventing you from remembering what Jesus has done for you.

In what ways have you doubted your salvation in the past and what did you do to overcome that? Would you write a comment in the box below?

Scott Foreman is the Executive Director of Word of Life Canada, a youth organization where he has ministered since 1999.  Every year Scott is blessed with opportunities to speak at youth retreats, conferences and evangelistic events.  You can read more about Scott’s ministry here.

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  1. Scott has begun a discussion on a very important subject. One that is wide spread. There are many people who struggle with it while trying unsuccessfully to deal with it.
    I have posted a companion to it at



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