There’s a few things that I want to focus on in 2016 – one of them is being intentional in my interactions with people that I want to stay connected to and care about.

It’s not that I choose to not stay connected to people – it’s really more of an issue with the people that matter to me that aren’t in close proximity. I hate to say it but it’s the reality of ‘out of sight out of mind’. That doesn’t mean I want it to be that way though.

I’m a ‘tools’ and ‘processes’ type guy. So I asked my wife to help me put together a little grid that I can use to help me visualize periods of interaction (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually) along with forms of interaction (phone, text, facial interaction and email/Facebook/letter).

This may seem really cold and impersonal, but I’d rather have a cold an impersonal tool that I’m using and having intentional interactions then no tool and no interactions. I’d like to say that the people that matter the most to me are thought about all the time and I am in consistent communication with them – but I’m not there yet (and I don’t know many who are).

So – at the bottom of this post is the spreadsheet that I put together that I have started to fill in.

Here’s the process I followed when thinking through my list that may be of help to you.

1 – I started with my immediate family (they’re obviously the people I need to be having the most intentional interaction with).

2 – Then I moved to parents and siblings

3 – Then I moved to extended family

4 – Then I moved to people older than me that have made an impression upon me

5 – Then I moved to people younger than me that I have been able to disciple or I’m holding accountable

6 – Then I thought through friends that are important to me that I need to interact with more

7 – After it’s filled in, the times and the people need to go into your calendar or whatever ‘reminder’ functions you use. This is obviously the most important step.

Maybe for both you and me 2016 can be a year of more intentional, planned, interaction with the people in our lives that we want to make sure we’re consistently interacting with?

DOWNLOAD the Intentional Interaction Tool

(FYI – the tool seems to download better to non-mobile devices)


  1. I must say I “TOTALLY” understand what Scott is saying here. I have many special friends spread all over the world and I sometimes am not just bothered by the lack of contact, but seriously bothered. Then I realize that it is impossible to have the kind of face to face interaction I would truly desire. So, Do I do as some and blame it on “Social Media?”

    Quite the contrary, if it were not for iPhones and other devices I would be more frustrated. Yes, it may sound cold as Scott said to have a system and use devices and media to stay in touch, but it surely is better than throwing in the towel and forgetting it altogether or narrowing interaction to those in our immediate presence.

    Great Post……….

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